• What I Do Now

    Building The Heritage Community at YJP. Studying Business and Product Management at Baruch. Running passion projects like  Just Ten and Roots Eitz Chaim, Writing Essays




  • What I Have To Offer

    I am open to all new opportunities. Seriously try me, I'm always open to hearing anyone out. 



    To be specific:


    Project Management:

    I thrive on working in a slightly chaotic environment that enables me to get proactively and passionately involved in whatever is going on 



    Strategy & Ideation

    I often and easily come up with an alternative, unique and effective ways of doing things that take multiple variables of consideration into account. 



    I enjoy and thrive in working with teams, being nimble and focused identifying  what needs to get done and getting busy doing it. 



  • What I'm Hoping to Do

    Start and Grow My Startup(s)

    I deeply enjoy conceptualizing and designing new digital products and platforms. At the moment I have 4 serious projects sitting on the back burner while I wait to find some interested seed investors. Im working on the design and Im keeping my eyes and ears open for a technical co-founder. If you'd like to talk and discuss please feel free to get in touch

    Do Work That Matters with Open Minded, Creative People and Contribute Continuously to Meaningful Projects.

    As a creative, ENTP, millennial I develop a bit of bile at the back of my throat at the thought of doing one thing for the rest of my life. I hope to work on meaningful projects that have a real lasting positive social impact. Profit is just one metric of success and I hope to create an ROI in many different ways. I'm a looking forward to developing new deep relationships with interesting people and collaborating together with them.

  • What I Have Done

    The brief, wondrous life of Ben Rohr

    Starting Startups 

    August 2015- Present

    I have conceptualized, built and launched Starting Startups, a meetup to enable startup minded students to meet each other and team up to build and create their own startups. Check it out here

    Jew Can Stay By Me

    June 2015- Present 

    Conceptualized, created and launched a community based map for anyone to find a Jewish host to stay by anywhere in the world. www.jewcanstaybyme.com

    Expressive Lighting 


    April 2015-August 2015 

    Working hard as a Project Manager at a large commercial lighting distributor based in Brooklyn N.Y. 


    Baruch College CUNY BA for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies At Baruch College 

    January 2015- Present

    Working toward my degree in Project Management while taking full advantage of being at a school smack dab in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world



    December 2013- Present

    I started justten.org  when I realized I can help my community in a meaningful way. I am genuinely grateful for the highly positive and enthusiastic response. Think of it as Uber for singles meetups where all attendees match what each other are looking for in a long term partner

    Kingsborough Community College

    September 2012- Present


    I intend to continue on to The CUNY BA Program  to complete my Bachelors in Social Entrepreneurship unless some awesome opportunity presents itself.

    The Jewish Journey

    September 2008-2012

    I spent my time making amazing friends while deeply engaged in learning about Judaism 

    Yeshiva Torahs Emes High School

    September 2004-2008

     Graduated with a NYS HS Diploma,  


  • What I'm Passionate About

    Well it isn't a short list, I'll tell you that much.

    Social Entrepreneurship

    I firmly believe that the best chance we have of solving society's most pressing issues will come from the crazy ones, the ones that have the audacity and tenacity to reimagine a better tomorrow as well as the sweat and focus to go and build it.

    The Untapped Power of Social Media


    The social internet is still in its first iteration, we are playing with different capacities on a very simplistic level. I see a future where the capabilities of the web will expand to more than a communication technology, it will be a technology in which we join to create real communities that are purposeful and efficient in accomplishing their vision. I have conceptualized and designed just such a platform and I am currently looking for the right person to join me in building it out.

    Behavioral Economics and Positive Psychology

    I enjoy the often counterintuitive insights that these two disciplines continue to discover and I recognize in them a transformation in the model of what is predominantly considered the good life and the good society. I feel that by implementing policies and life choices based on these disciplines will bring us closer to the ever elusive and noble aspirations that us humans have.

    Social Psychology and Advertising


    I enjoy learning and discovering the ways in which we can use the insights of academia for creating campaigns that do more than create a financial ROI but rather facilitate real lasting social change in the areas that are of importance to all of us.

    Creativity and Innovation

    I marvel at the ingenuity  that goes on in engineering and design and I recognize in those disciplines the framework for an ever-evolving culture one that is able to adapt and problem solve. I enjoy learning about all of humanities creative projects as well as coming up with my own.

    Lifelong Education

    I am passionate about learning new things constantly and as a result I read voraciously. I also take advantage of the free educational material that is so abundant on the web. Currently I am teaching myself Web Development as well as reading a wide variety of books related to my interests.


    The big questions are always inspiring and keeping a meta perspective helps me avoid sweating the small stuff.

    An Excerpt from 'Epitaph' says it best,

    You ask me:

    What is the greatest happiness on earth? Two things

    Changing my mind as I change a penny for a shilling;


    listening to the sound of a young girl singing down the road

    after she asks me the way.

  • Call me Ishma..er.. Ben